New Year, New You

Posted on 02-01-17 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

2016 will go down in history as the absolute worst year of my life. The unexpected passing of my dad, Don Buckner, was really more than I could handle. I had the pleasure of working with my dad for the past 16 years and ...

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Things Bosses Do That Make Employees Stay!

Posted on 08-19-15 in: General by Angie Craven, CSAM

It's pretty incredible how often you hear managers complaining about their best employees leaving. Here are a few ways to ensure your employees are loyal to the company and you as a manager. Recognize con ...

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Top 5 Ways To Get The Greatest Results From An Assessment Test!

Posted on 06-26-15 in: General , Hiring by Keith Seagroves

More companies are using assessment tests to screen candidates. As recruiters, we hear from candidates and clients what works and what doesn't when it comes to assessment tests. Below are the Top 5 Ways To Get The G ...

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Top 10 Interviewing Mistakes

Posted on 04-01-15 in: Interviewing by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

The Top 10 Interviewing Mistakes that are preventing you from getting the job are: 1. You don't research the company prior to the interview. You are not prepared with questions to ask the hiring authorities. If yo ...

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Finding the Right Recruiter

Posted on 01-21-15 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

Finding a recruiter to represent you in the job market is easy - step outside your office and throw a rock. I promise you'll hit at least one in the head. I call this the 'Ernest T. Bass Approach.' However, f ...

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