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Finding the Right Recruiter

Posted on 01-21-15 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

Finding a recruiter to represent you in the job market is easy - step outside your office and throw a rock. I promise you'll hit at least one in the head. I call this the 'Ernest T. Bass Approach.' However, finding the RIGHT recruiter who is certified, professional, ethical, respected in their industry and willing to represent you is an entirely different story.

So what does it take to find the right recruiter? First, find a recruiter who is certified. When a recruiter is certified, she has invested in her career and professionalism by continuing to learn. There are several certification programs for recruiters but the two most common are NAPS and CSAM / CSM / CSPC. Don't be fooled by certifications that focus on showcasing database research skills! MRINetwork offers the CSAM / CSM / CSPC certification and requires 3 years of recruiting experience, proven placement performance and passing a grueling 4 hour exam. It is a required that all recruiters at MRI Person County become certified when eligible. MRINetwork has over 400 certified recruiters, one of the largest certification programs in the US for recruiters.

The second step in finding the right recruiter is to find someone who is professional and ethical. After one phone call you should be able to determine if your recruiter is both, if not, ask for references. Like all professions, we have our share of unethical and unprofessional workers. It is unethical for recruiters to cut and paste your resume from LinkedIN, Monster, Careerbuilder or other job boards and present you to a client without your expressed permission. Yet, recruiters do it all the time. It is also unethical for a recruiter to take candidates out of companies they place with and to mis-represent the job or the company to the candidate in order to 'close the deal.' Unfortunately, this is done on a daily basis. It gives the rest of us a bad image!

Third, find a recruiter who is respected in your industry. Our recruiters place in two specific industries within manufacturing, plastics and gears. We are respected within both industries and we've developed a strong following of candidates and companies. Most of our client companies have partnered with us for over 10 years. Ask your recruiter how many people she's placed with the company she is presenting you to.

And the final step in finding the right recruiter is to find someone who is willing to represent you. As an marketable candidate we look for 5 things, do you have the following?

1. Marketable Skills and Education

2. Checkable and Verifiable PROFESSIONAL References

3. Proven experience and achievements in your career

4. Realistic expectations that can be met through a job change

5. Respect for the recruiter and the recruiter's process.

We'll take a deeper dive into these 5 qualifications in our next blog! So make sure to tune in. Until next week......