6 Career Resolutions for the New Year

Posted on 01-12-15 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

We’re already mid-way through the first month of the year and I’m still on target with my resolutions! I feel successful!! One thing my dad always taught me was to set goals and stick to them. Every December ...

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Customer Service

Posted on 12-10-14 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

While planning a wedding and shopping for the holidays I’ve found myself interacting with a lot of businesses from florists and bridal stores to large box stores. The majority are undistinguished and sadl ...

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Life Without Monster

Posted on 11-24-14 in: General by Keith Seagroves

And no, I’m not leaving my job, I LOVE my job!  So if I’m happy, what do I mean by ‘Life Without Monster?’ It’s simple, remove your resume from job boards if you’ve found permanen ...

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Counteroffers Are Abundant!

Posted on 11-18-14 in: General by

In today’s candidate driven market, counteroffers are not only prevalent, they are expected. But beware of the dangers of the counteroffer as your employer will make an offer ‘you can’t refuse!’ ...

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Multiple Job Offers in a Candidate Driven Market

Posted on 11-14-14 in: General , Hiring by Angie Craven, CSAM

It’s still a candidate driven market folks and it doesn’t appear that the tide will turn anytime soon. Talented candidates have multiple job offers and are saying ‘yes’ to the company that offers ...

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