Are You Too Nice to Lead?

Posted on 10-15-14 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

Written by: Kate Nasser There are team members who want, welcome, and will only work for a nice leader — until they see that the nice leader won’t address poor performance and cannot negotiate tough issues ...

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How To Succeed In Business for Millennials

Posted on 07-07-14 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

The definition of millennial is tough--but can be narrowed down by some to those who were born from 1980 to 2000. Millennials are the new hot 'trend' to discuss as they age into the working world, with (at times) ...

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Google Your Image!

Posted on 06-05-14 in: Interviewing by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

Google Your Image! Today's candidates have access to an abundance of information on companies they are interviewing with. They can research a company's finances, competitors, products, employees without leaving t ...

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Job Fair in NC

Posted on 04-21-14 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

Keith Seagroves and I will be attending 2 job fairs over the next few days! On Thursday, April 24th we invite you to join us at the Mebane Community Art Center in Mebane, NC from 12 - 4 PM. On Wednesday, April 30th, we w ...

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Welcome to Our Blog

Posted on 03-26-14 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

Welcome to MR Person County’s blog! Our team of recruiters specializes in the Plastics and Gear manufacturing industries and we will share industry knowledge and hiring trends in our blog. Our blog will target e ...

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