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New Year, New You

Posted on 02-01-17 in: General by Sherri Buckner Seagroves, CSM

2016 will go down in history as the absolute worst year of my life. The unexpected passing of my dad, Don Buckner, was really more than I could handle. I had the pleasure of working with my dad for the past 16 years and while I would like to paint a glowing picture of a wonderful partnership, more than often it was not. He was the parent and I was the child. 

One of the many things I greatly admired about my father was his consistency in setting and achieving goals. You can't achieve a goal unless you set it. Dad wrote down his goals and resolutions every December and kept them in his top dresser drawer with his keys and change. Every day he saw these goals and every day he worked hard to achieve each and every one. 

My blogs will be short this year until I get to the point that I really feel like I have more to write. Until the next time we meet, my goals are set for a successful and happier 2017. Are yours?